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Really pleased that the last 3 paintings have been received so well.

It's impossible to know how things will turn out when in the idea stage but all are done with the same enthusiasm and conviction. I get a buzz in my stomach when I publish them here and I felt these ones strong.

All the originals are now gone but I have just added all three to my print page. I managed to do Hi Res Photos so I can now offer a bigger size of 363 X 550 mm with a 20 mm border. Not far off the original size. I've also updated the Giclee Print Page to explain the printing process. Take a look here

Soon I want to be able to do huge prints but I need to brush up on my photography skills to make sure they look perfect. and I need SPACE. (should find out about a new studio any day now)

Please see the images below and also a few I took earlier this morning when I took them out on their leads for a walk.. They don't bite.

Stay cool


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