The End Of This Blog

Good morning everyone.

All good things must come to an end they say.... Well . I think the phrase should be "all good things evolve to something better" That's the plan any way

2021 is going to be different. I don't know how yet but I do know I need to study!! I want to make the blog on my web site a source of information and a place where I can explain the conceptual process behind any new work that's published.

It won't necessarily be a place to just publish new work as Ive been doing over the last 19 months.

So sadly, in the next few days i'm going to close this blog and the app permanently.

It's a little tricky having two web sites running side by side and also there are added costs and ergonomics. With the way I like to work creatively it does become overwhelming at times.

I'm so excited for this year. I've said before I adore the new year but with everything that's making us live differently I feel optimistic and can't wait to start my working week on Monday.

So. should anyone whois a member of this blog like to have a 25% discount off anything on my site just drop the code RIPBLOG in the code section at check out. It's valid on all new paintings, the four remaining in the sale and all prints until mid night tomorrow. Just want to say thanks to the core crew that have helped me mentally get this thing off the ground.

Below are the remaining paintings

Stay cool everyone and see you in the fb group and hopefully on the road one day very soon.

T.M .

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