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Hello All Blog members.

Sadly, there are no new paintings this week. A bad cold has struck me down, but it hasn’t stopped me working on some other very exciting things that will help pave the way into the future.


Over recent months I've been becoming increasingly frustrated with the web provider that I’ve been using for a good few years. Certain functions are just not available, so the first steps have been made to migrate this site over to another provider. Tracking orders was difficult to say the least and offering modern ways of commerce was impossible. The amount of complaint emails I’ve been sending is ridiculous and most fell on deaf ears.


Recently and in the past i have been asked if I can sell Gift Cards. Again, the provider i have been using doesn’t allow it unless I use physical printed cards. To redeem would be very difficult and I wanted to make sure I made it as easy as possible for a buyer and redeemer. So, ON the web site now is a new Gift Card tab that takes you through directly to the new web site.


Something that is regular when selling a painting is that it is held with a deposit and paid off within three months. When the balance is paid, I ship the painting.

Klarna is a globally recognised platform that allows the buyer to "PAY VIA KLARNA"

It's a simple as doing it directly with me but the best thing is that you receive the painting immediately. No waiting around. The transaction is done with Klarna directly. So now new to the new web site is this option at check out. Pretty cool.

The direct link to the new site is

It is also now linked on in Available Paintings, Collections and Gift cards.

~ Please take a look when you get a moment. As always Blog members are my most valued hombres and your input is incredibly well received.

Thanks for reading and speak very soon.


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