Hello all. It's been a while since any web site updates so here is one.

I posted on the socials today about doing calendars and prints and other merchandise ideas and really pleased with the input from a lot of you.

I'm definitely going to do calendars for 2020 with 12 of the Black and White photos that i took on my travels. Thanks again for the enthusiasm.

I've also just spent the last few hours looking into the print side of these images. I'm pleased that I was able to download hi res images and upload them to the fantastic print company I use. They are going to be Hi Gloss C Type Printed and the images will be a little under A4 with a small border. So, I've now made them available for sale with hand written signature and date on the back of each one.

Here is a link to the page should this be of any interest.

Thanks for looking and any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Tim Muddiman


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