Apologies for the zero activity on the blog section of this web site. But as most of you might know its been a wild couple of months with painting 17 new pieces and preparing for Parallax Art fair.

Its Monday evening now and I'm in recovery mode and pretty much exhausted from the last few weeks. It's been very intense but i'm not complaining. Thats how I like it. Getting one's head down and going for broke! (or almost broken)

Parallax Art Fair was the first Art Fair I've done and the first time I've displayed my work in public. Am very pleased to say that the feedback was all positive., At first I was little intimidated. I didn't know what to expect . There was an incredible variation of work and some I dare say was incredible and inspiring. Some was just not the kind of thing I am into but to summaries in short all the the other artists I spoke with were all of similar mind set. All were a little worried and all had similar opinions about the fair and we all shared a few moans like us humans do.

Im really pleased to say that I sold 6 pieces of work. My aim was for 4 pieces but selling those extra 2 really made it all worth it.

I made some great contacts to exhibit in East London, China and to display and sell my work in Restaurants, Bars and Hotels. I'll see where that leads in the next few weeks.

Im now making some of the original work that I've been selling as prints available in a new "paintings section on my web site. Go take a look here

Now is about getting things in order and having a few days off from actual painting. However am slowly planning new ideas already. Exciting.

Speacial thanks to everyone that came down to see me and my paintings in the flesh. It honestly meant a great deal. Also I can't miss out a massive thanks to my wife, Aimee. The girl is a rock!

Will try and update this page a little more often from now.

Bye for now


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