Hi folks

Cant believe its Wednesday already. What was supposed to be starting out as a week of new work has gone all a bit upside down. Luckily i had a couple of sales at the beginning of the week and had to arrange shipping and postage which took a lot longer than i thought. (won't go in to details as its boring) Happy to say I'm moulding my postage system a little better so it will be easier to quote people and offer insurance. Insurance is pretty vital i think with all the horror stories we've all heard with parcels getting lost or damaged. Fingers crossed everything has been okay so far. Postage prices generally are about £30 for UK mainland, £40 for Europe and £50 for the US. Thats for paintings between £300 and £800. I'll update "a post" when i go out of these parameters.

Any way, today I'm re working a few paintings that didn't go in the finished pile before i put the brushes down at the end of Feb. Maybe i'll have a few more to post online for sale in March. Lets see. I'm listening to Outlaw country this morning. Every morning i wake up with something in my head and today it was a country song that i cant find. So listening through some Spotify playlists. If you're in an Outlaw Country mood then check out this play list. Its cool..

Okay . be back soon.



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