Hello all.

A small news update.

There won't be any new paintings being published anywhere until at least next week. I think it's time to have a very small break from painting. I want to get a load of ideas out my head and onto paper and canvas. I'll be spending this week drawing and gathering ideas that have been floating around for a while.

What this will mean is there might be an influx of new paintings soon but for now I just want to relax with a pencil and paper.

I thought while I'm not posting any paintings, I'd offer free shipping on all products to everyone. If you wanted to take up this offer just type 2020AD in the coupon section at check out. It will end on Sunday night.

While I’m here I just wanted to touch on the competition we did on my Facebook group. It was a real success and thanks again for everyone involved. It was fun and awesome to send out the painting to the winner. Congratulations Peter and Kaz Wood. I'm starting to think what else could we do within the group in way of competition. My goal for doing a competition is to help grow the Facebook group. It's now on 2800 which is amazing but it's an ongoing project to always

reach more people. If anyone ever has an idea, please let me know. I'd love to hear any cool ideas however crazy they might sound.

Okay guys. Will ping this up on the usual socials in a little while.

Hope all are really good and coping well.



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