New Giclee A3+ Framed Prints

Hello Blog members.

Before I hit send on a "New Web Site" mail out I wanted to just write on this old blog. Its way more friendly and I will address this blog situation very soon.

I've been in major re designing world for the last few weeks.

I've picked 26 or so designs from my work and re drawn them and edited to make 100% accurate so I can create what would be a perfect Giclee Print.

I have always adored screen prints and their almost brutal use of block colour and this has been what I have translated to my original work.

I have replicated my designs in prints before today in a lithograph method, with odd sizes and trying to stay true to the original piece. I have now done it differently.

I've invested in my own Giclee printer and hand picked the paper and explored the new methods to create something slightly different to what I've done before. Something else unique. It's been a long journey over the last few weeks and i'm absolutely buzzing about finally making them available and publishing them on my web site.

They are all limited editions and run from 0-100. They now all come with wooden frames and are ready to hang. I wanted to make it easier and simpler and bolder and bigger. I didn't properly think through the hanging of odd sized prints before.

This does in no way discount the prints that have come before and I felt I should write to you guys in the blog as some of you have bought the previous prints.

I guess you own something more unique and if my ambition serves me well then one day a collectors item you may have.

Okay. The journey goes on.

Check out the prints here:

Stay cool


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