May 2020

As usual. I've had my head down. One week of solid drawing and one week of solid painting. Long hours. 6 am starts and 7 pm finishes. Part timer I hear ya say. Nah. Been thinking about everything too in the mean time.

Here's a plan.

12 paintings of May 2020.

Below is the first one.

It's called

Title: Wait In Line

Dims: 61 x 76 cm

Medium: Acrylic On Canvas


Had a lot of ideas rattling around my head and over the next 12 days I'll be posting everyday. ( forgive me if I fail on one or two of those days). The plan has been made, at the very least. So here we go.

You guys on my blog will always be the first to see the new pieces. There's gonna be some surprises in here so please keep checking back and feel free to comment below.

Hope all are well. See you at 4pm. Around the dot.....


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