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Hey all. Hope you like the new looking site. What started off as a little tinker tuned into a whole new design. Maybe it's a little basic but I think the site looks a lot clearer and the pictures stand out more and are easier on the eye. I hope you dig.

Exclusively to you guys. The ones who have subscribed, I'm offering a strict limited edition, only 10 available ever, hand signed and numbered, collage of all of series 2 paintings. They will be Giclee printed on Photo Rag paper. At first the prints took some messing around with to get correct. but I’m dead happy with the quality of them now and they hold great depth and vibrance.

If you'd like to grab one please click here or you'll see them on the Print page with the others.

I will publish them online elsewhere this evening as well but wanted to offer them up to you cats first.

Now available are "Series Two" postcards. I've added them as a bundle with the previous ones or they are available as a set on their own. For those that wanted to buy the second eight, you can get £5.00 off by entering "Friends Discount" in to the Promo Code section of the cart. Similar to the introduction price I originally sold the first eight for.


I’m 90% sure of the exhibition at Brick Lane Gallery. The opening night will be the 21st. There was little issue that I won't go into that kind of been resolved in a fashion. Am just trying to work out if it’s worth it. The other exciting thing is that I've been contacted by a good number of other galleries and one in particular is very exciting indeed. Hope I can share that news later in the year.

The next few weeks are going to be spent working on new paintings. I’ve upgraded my canvases and bought the best acrylic paints that are available. I know a workingman shouldn't blame his tools but I’m really excited to see where the next progression leads with better quality materials. Then it’s on to learn god knows how many songs for Gary Numan for his 40'th anniversary tour. Hope it’s not too many. ;)

Now, here's a different topic. Someone sent me a link to a just published article about Pledge Music. Most of you have been involved in my last two albums and I’ve been really quiet about the situation because I didn't want to ruffle any feathers while trying to get the £1400.00 owed to me. In the article it confirmed that Pledge were using the money that was meant to be for the artists to pay their staff and pay for their glamorous offices and their whole infrastructure. I actually can't believe it. They were robbing the artists and more to the point, the fans. I’m sure the intention was that whatever their business model was, it would turn around and work out, but sadly it didn't and that has cost many people in many different ways. It's a real shame for musical artists like myself and many other different types. In times where labels are about mainstream and manufactured music and not about the art, it is a collection of heavy nails in the coffin to make it possible to make music and eat. So horribly fucked up. any way. Just sharing thoughts. Please get in touch if you have any concerns what so ever regarding pledge. I'm happy to talk it through.

One more thing. If you're interested. Been listening to this over the last few days. Especially the track called Grand Canyon. Pretty awesome. Timber Timbre.


Hope you like the collage guys.

Have a great weekend.


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