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Good morning and merry Christmas to all new and active members of the web site .

Really good news to share. Bricklane Gallery have been really happy with the response, feedback and engagement of my work over the last couple of weeks in their contemporary exhibition. So much so that over the last few days we’ve come to an arrangement where my work will be continuing to stay on display over the Christmas period and exhibited ( with maybe a new price or two ) in their Abstract Art exhibtion that starts on Jan 7th until Jan 20th. I’m really excited and flattered to have my work on display in such a cool area of London for what will be virtually a month and hopefully this will prove beneficial for the future journey of any painted creations that come during and after . Who knows what will happen after the 20th? maybe even stay on their or move to another gallery ? Hard to say right now. But whatever. Massive thanks to anyone that popped along , is popping along, came on my web site , liked a post or bought a painting ! It all helps massively !

Onwards we go! Merry Christmas .

Tim. M

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