JillsHouse 2

The 4th Painting of 2020.

Jills House 2 .

When I was a child I had dreadful hallucinations. Every time I had a fever I would always feel like I could see the entire universe and beyond. Like I could focus on all of it. It was overwhelming. The speed in which I could focus was petrifying. Everything moved so fast past my eyes and through my vision. I could sit inside a place like this on occasions and hold onto the walls to protect my body from falling. This is one of those vessels in rest. I can see it and be there instantly. It was like a spec of dust in comparison to the world outside. In Dark and in light. I go to these hallucinations in a lot of my paintings and probably will continue to do so.

Hope you like it .


Please don't hesitate to get in touch should you like a deal on both of Jills House paintings. Special prices for quantity

can always be arranged.



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