Jack House 1 LTD Print Competition.

Hi All.

Just wanted to update the blog with a competitoon i'm running on all my social media platforms.

Here is the post:

WANNA WIN THIS SIGNED AND DEDICATED JACK HOUSE 1 LIMITED EDITION PRINT? (The object is to get my artist group more members) To enter please follwow the requirments below: 1, Copy both of these pictures and copy this group address: https://www.facebook.com/groups/timmuddimanartist 2. Do a post on your own page or group and encourage people to join the group by clicking on the link and pressing "JOIN" 3. Please include my web site. www.timmuddiman.com The person whose post has the most likes and shares wins. Likes get 1 point. Shares get 5 points. Any one can joinn the competition but they must be a member. The competition will run until 4pm on Saturday 11th. After 4pm simply drop a screen grab of your facebook post below in the comments and we can see who won. I will announce the winner on Sunday 12th at 4pm. You guys are all creative so do your best. By all means tag me or my "artist page" ( I dont think tagging the group is allowed) Will be posting this on all my social platforms. Okay dudes. Have a lovely weekend.

Tim M

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