Isolation Day 1

I've talked myself in and out of writing a daily journal for the last 30 years. I've never done it. Today is DAY 1 of Self isolation with my wife and two daughters. It's 05.10 am. Myself and my 15 year old daughter are going to the supermarket for 6 am to buy groceries for my mother and for my family. ( not particularly isolating) To say I'm worried about what is happening with Corona Virus and all the unkowns is probably not correct. I am however worried if my mothers worried or my wife or daughter is. I think i'm invincible, although I do suffer from dreadful hypochondria. Work that out. I do worry about the effects it will have on people without sanitation, people who live on their own, people who live in high rise flats, prisoners, people with health conditions and anyone who will struggle with this period of unknown time mentally. So, I guess I am worried.

I know that if I don't have a drink, and I mean an alcoholic one, I stand a good chance of writing a journal everyday. But I'm impulsive and everyday I want a drink and most days I do. Not many but some. Sometimes just 1. Drinks that is. I have a strange relationship with alcohol and always have. I enjoy it tremendously but I fear and deny it has more negative effects that positives. Fear because of missing out on the pleasure side. Negative because it makes me introvert. If this journal continues I'll for sure touch on this as time goes on.

So even if I just grab 10 mins a day I hope to do this journal this time. There may not be a better time.

Before I go. For the last 5 days I have been preparing for this lock down. My wife and I completely changed our house around., We bought new carpets and I painted our kitchen pink. I have a new studio and yesterday had a delivery of 60 new blank canvases and a wealth of paints. Another journey is about to begin and i'm excited.

For now that is all.

Take care, wash your hands and rest!


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