Gods Flesh/Spokane/Exhibition

Here are two paintings you may not have seen. I dearly love them. Gods Flesh has been sold but Spokane is still here and available. Both are available as prints of course.

Ive come to realise that these types of paintings are the ones I adore the most. Earlier works like Blue Hollywood and Blood Orange are also equally my favourites to date. Don't get me wrong. I adore the characters and could paint characters daily but getting lost in these worlds is profound , divine and frightening. This brings me on to the next subject.

On the back on Parallax Art Fair I've been invited to exhibit at Brick Lane Gallery from August 20th until Sep 2nd. Im going to confirm it after i've written this blog. It's a different situation from the Art Fair because it is a gallery. It's a place where people will be able to browse at their own leisure and learn more about the art from the curators than chatting with me in the noisy environment of an art fair. I believe the opening night will be the 21st and will confirm that asap.I will be at the opening night. As followers to this page please contact me on info@timmuddiman.com if you'd like to come to the opening night. There are complimentary drinks too.

So to wrap this up. Im going to take inspiration form the paintings attached to this news letter and from the other two mentioned. My plan is already to change them up and come at them from a different angle and I can not wait to get started next week. Okay guys.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment here or online where ever you like.



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