Hope everyone is doing well and if in the UK enjoying the sun. Regardless of location I hope ALL are keeping SAFE!! Feels like to me everything is spiralling out of control. I don't mean to muster any fear, but I do worry.


Really pleased to have just added two more prints to the print store. Along side Cardona, Hamlet and Danzig are now available. Prints from the previous week are always ordered the following Monday.. F.Y.I. Also The Industrial "Hamlet" is still available in its original form on the paintings page.

Im busy working on three new pieces. They are taking me some time . Partly because I feel slow and partly because they have a life of their own. I'm just hanging with their spirit until they are born.

In other news I am being approached by a good amount of galleries and art fairs. The most exciting was exhibiting in Marbella, Spain at the end of August on The Van Gogh Gallery stand at The International Contemporary Art Fair Marbella 2020. I have declined because it isn't safe to travel, However, am now, as it stands, going on tour instead. ?! I'll definitely work with the gallery in the future.

Okay. Am sure there is loads to write but its hard to get my head out of painting at the moment. BUT..... Stay cool all..



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