Guys. Just a heads up.

I just posted this on my Facebook page..

Thanks for reading!

In these very strange and unpredictable times I think it's time this Facebook community have a little fun.

So, I'm going to run a competition.

I'm going to give away for FREE any where in the world one painting. The painting is called Jack House 2 [pictured below]. To enter here are the rules: A. Buy any one print from either my online print or digital print store. B. When your print arrives you have to take a picture of yourself or a friend with the print and send to me via email @ C. I will then upload the picture(s) to this page for members to vote by liking the post. The winner will be chosen by you guys... most likes wins. D. Share this post on your Facebook page to encourage people to join our community and to like your picture. (anyone who has bought a print in the last 7 days is also able to enter but, you will still need to share this post and encourage friends to may need their votes ;-)) The competition will run for two weeks until the 7th April and all pictures will need to be back to me by the 20th. I will then upload them for all to see on 21st and 'open' voting/likes for 48hrs (closing on 23rd). Winner announced on 24th April. Does this sound good.? Go Get Em!

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