Good bye Blog Members.

It's been a wild ride.

This morning i'm going to close down this blog. :(

As I said before i'm going to update to a better and more informative blog that will be more about the art work and the process and all new kinds of information.

In other news i'm speaking with a gallery as well as Art PR people. I have a solo show pencilled in for July 1st in West London. To be honest i'm not convinced as yet if it is the right thing to do with the covid situation and with how I like to work but I wanted to mention to you guys as you've all been on this journey for a while now.

We will see. More calls to make about it today.

I'm not currently working on any thing new. I have a few commissions to do and am waiting on a few frames to arrive for some prints that have been ordered. The studio has had a massive tidy and sort out and am taking my time with thoughts on what avenues to take in 2021. A slow start? nah. Just want to make the right choices.

2021 was far greater than any expectations I had when I did the first Jack House painting. It travelled down avenues I had no idea where would end. I took very small conscious steps. Not to run before I could walk. Not to let smaller ideas be explored rather than always jumping to something entirely new. It taught me a lot about the magic of just sitting still and letting things happen naturally. In music I have torn my brain apart to find what I want to do. There was no brain tearing in the process of 2020. Just doing.

There are 13 paintings left for sale on my site. I want to give you guys 50% off any of them. Below is a code to use at check out. I'd love to have none on there. Just for the mental break. Is that stupid? I dunno. But any way,. The 50% off is here: 'JOURNEY'. (IT IS NOT A SALE)

Okay you cats. Onwards and upwards!! See you on the new BLOG!!!!

Tim M!

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