Day 2

Hi all.

How are you all feeling today? Alarming news coming in on the wireless about the progression of the virus globally. I know you guys are far and wide across the world and we're all dealing with this at different times. I am addicted to the news. I cant help but want to know every single detail. It helps me deal with any anxiety that my family might be dealing with and I think it's good to have the facts and the education so we can protect the ones we love and the communities around us. I truly hope you're all keeping safe and taking the social distancing seriously. I cant believe yesterday I heard that some bars and cafes in London had a double influx of people and their takings were up ! Man. Isn't there enough news and education going on? I thought there was?

We at home are squeaky clean. Any deliveries that we had at the beginning of the week were dusted down and we moved and opened them with rubber gloves and disinfected everything with cloths. Quick to adapt and better to be precautious for the worse but always hoping for the best for our friends, extended families and off and online communities.

So. here is some cool news. I've just added about 15 new designs to the print page.

I still have 5 of the super cool TOTE Bags left so am extending the GIFT offer to the next 5 prints or paintings exclusively to members of this blog ! Am also going to look into some other merchandise ideas hopefully later or next week. It's amazing seeing the designs in other formats.

If you'd like to take up the offer just type JHT01 in the coupon section at check out.

Regarding painting and print deliveries. I have spoken with the courier companies I use and we can now offer contactless delivery. Many of the companies are doing the same in this climate.

Aimee and I are enjoying doing our house, painting the walls, re designing the vibe and making it our warm cocoon for the isolation period. If you're feeling like doing the same I can now offer 10% discount on more than one print or painting. Just add TENOFF at check out.

Okay ya'll.

Stay cool


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