Paintings could be classed as a luxury item. Do we actually need them like we do a car or the bills we have coming in? Some might say no. But then again. Some might say Absolutely YES! Anything that makes you feel good or evokes certain memories or feelings that make you feel alive I think are most important and the rest is just a necessary evil. A necessary means so to speak. However. Paintings are expensive. Even at the level that I'm selling them for they are still a little more than what we spend on a new item of clothing or another luxury item but if looked after will last for way more than our life times. They decorate the places we spend most of out time. Home.

In the past I have negotiated a payment plan for a few people. They have paid a deposit and paid for the painting in 2 or more instalments. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if there's a painting you like and would like to spread the cost over a few payments. It's totally cool. info@timmuddiman.com

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