Hello all.

I've just published a competition on my Facebook group.

Wanted to post it here as well in case the algorithm doesn't get to you.

Please read below!


Hello. As members of this group some of you know that this is the place where I share all of my art work and stories and stupid things like caffeine addiction and 5 am work day starts. It really is the best place I can interact with people interested in my art work and hopefully spread the word about what I'm doing. As always the journey is just starting and there is going to be a huge amount of artwork on this page over the coming years.

The best thing to help this page grow is by current members inviting their friends on their Facebook page, pages or groups.

So, I'm going to run a competition until 9 am Tuesday morning.

Firstly thanks to everyone who has already invited people. *Please read below*.

I am going to offer the person that invites the most people (in excess of 100 people) a LTD edition A4 print of their choice. It will be Giclee printed , hand signed and numbered. It can be your choice of any design from my web site.

9 runners up will get a LTD edition C-Type A6 print of the piece called JacksHouse 1.

Realistically we all have loads of people on our Facebook profiles , some we keep in touch with and some we don't. When I invite say 100 people I'm lucky to get a small percentage that follow this art page . But the competition is for how many people you invite. Not that accept.

If you have already invited people and want to get involved in this simply send me screen grabs of your invite list after clicking the invite page. DM me or email at

Instructions to invite are easy. Please see photos. Simply, Get a cup of tea or coffee or wine or even a beer, sit down and click the invite button at the top of the page and next to all your friends names click the invite button.

I'll count up everyone that's been invited on Tuesday and let you know the situation. Competition ends at 9am with results following later that day!

Okay dudes. GO FOR IT!!!

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