And the beat goes on.

Hi all site and blog members.

A good few things have been changing behind the scenes over the last two or three weeks. Hence. No new paintings. It's tuff not being in that place of creation but everything else i'm doing is vital to progress my work as an ongoing, moving forward vocation.

Great news is that I'm moving into a new studio on the 1st of September. The original room I've been trying to get isn't available for some time, however, I have chosen to take a space that I think will work just fine for the next 12/18 months. It's within the NN Contemporary Arts Hub on Guildhall in Northampton UK. I'll be able to do my own private exhibitions there and also arrange individual visits for anyone interested in looking at a new piece.

The other thing is my new web site.

I feel as tho it is progressing to a much more professional level. Something that WIX (the hosts of this site) don't offer for my growing collections and aspirations.

There is still a long way to go on the new site but all is in hand.

So this brings me to unfortunate news.

As of tomorrow I will close this site down and transfer the domain over to the new site. As I say it's vital for progression but I will lose all you guys as site and blog members. The app will became redundant as well. I've loved updating this blog when I have a new piece or news and reading the comments. It's always felt way more personal than the socials.

However, everyone that is already a member or subscriber to news letters will be automatically included in the new site mailing list but no one will be a member in the traditional sense. I have to start something new from scratch.

So this brings me on to an idea and I really would love your input on said idea below.

It's been suggested to me many times over the last couple of years that I should offer Subscription or a Patreon page. The Patreon idea is something I'm totally not comfortable with but I've been thinking about the subscription idea and it seems there could be many beneficial reasons for all involved.

I could open a members only part of the site with additional benefits.

I'm thinking something like £10 a month.

An idea I'm currently mulling over...

A subscriber/member would have access to 20% discount on TWO original paintings a year, THREE prints a year and TWO accessories a year.

In addition, I could do exclusive videos, members only introductions to new art work before they're finished, live studio streams and time-lapse videos.

I'd also offer members the opportunity to view new pieces online 24 hours before anyone else and an insight into the development processes, as well as exclusive collectable items just for members. Just initial ideas I wanted to run by you all.

I have no idea of the running costs to be able have something like this on my site BUT I'd love to hear your thoughts? Would it be something that sounds appealing? I'm asking you guys because I value your opinions and a lot of you have been on this journey with me for a good amount of time.

My email is

Please drop me a message if you have time or even just comment below.

Okay hombres.

I gotta get back to this new web site and pull a few more hairs out.

Stay cool


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