Please welcome the 3rd in this weeks series.

Title: Aleppo

Dims: 41 x 51 cm


Pushing the envelope a little more.

Really hope like the new directions.

It goes without saying that it's a damn shame about the tour with GN being cancelled for many reasons. I personally think it was always a very ambitious idea in the current times. Until next time.

Next week i'm going to look at a new studio. Fingers crossed the stars are aligned. It could really be a game changer. The building, which I've looked around before, is incredible. There are beutiful exhibition spaces and it sits right opposite the theatres in my home town of Northampton. any think its the best spot in the town for architecture and culture. It's a thought that IF it does happen I'll be able to offer studio visits once i'm set up for any one wanting to come and see the paintings in person. Maybe i'm running away with my self but I like that idea very much. Coffees on you! ;)

Have a great weekend all.


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