Absorb and Explore.

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Hi . Here I'm going to update with thoughts, music and artistic posts as often as i can. The regular social media platforms are awesome for a voyeristic community and great for bringing people here, hopefully. Its going to be a community that starts off small and hopefully grows over time. No ones invited. But seen as you're here you're more than welcome. Sign in and share stories. Come back. Hang out.

It's my belief that people who enjoy art and need it in their lives are of deeper spirit. I once met a guy who went to a charity shop to buy a load of books to just make his apartment look good. It didn't. He didn't understand what the books were and didn't have any interest in them. I also heard of a guy that bought wallpaper with books on. Man. Thats crazy.

Maybe a little like a scroller online with no action.maybe. Or maybe thats me being negative. I dunno. It's easy these days to be voyeristic. Social media has made it the norm. That's dead cool. I do my fair share. However, It hopefully inspires and give people interests and introductions to things they may not have been exposed to otherwise. But buying books from a charity store to just plonk on a shelf. Come on. Theres a similarity in there somewhere. Don't be lazy. Absorb and explore.

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