Interview: Regen Magazine Chicago

In a few short years, Tim Muddiman has garnered a considerable reputation as a respected sessions player and live performer; as a member of the legendary alternative act Pop Will Eat Itself, and having worked closely with synth/rock icon Gary Numan both in the studio and on the stage, he has demonstrated his skills to become one of today’s most exciting musicians. Now, the man is ready to strike out with his own musical outlet – Tim Muddiman and The Strange. With the release of two singles – “Wildwood Stone” and “Rolling Stones” – along with corresponding music videos co-directed by Muddiman himself, there seems to be virtually no limit to the man’s creativity and artistic ambitions. With a full-length album in the works, along with more live performances to follow in all of his musical associations, Muddiman speaks with ReGen Magazine on his career and the formation of his new band, letting us in on the processes by which he approaches his music, some insights on the current state of the music industry and where it has yet to progress, and just what audiences can expect from him in the near future… and from the sound of it, contrary to the darkly monochrome visual schemes employed in his music videos, that future is looking very bright indeed!

Please read the rest of the interview here:

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