12 Days

Hi All..

As usual I've been wild busy., and will continue to be until Christmas Eve. Then am going to have a LOOOOOONG break.. Not just because it's Christmas but because this has been a wild year for so many reasons but mainly because of all the art work that's been produced. When I have time I'll have a count.. Probably on Christmas morning... ( my life wouldn't be worth living)

It's time to study and just have a good long hard think out of the studio..... There are some incredible opportunities presenting theirselves and what I choose to do next could prove critical for the longevity of this creative mission.

So, I'm going to release 12 new paintings from today right up to Christmas.

I've been reflecting on a lot of work that's been done this year and why I don't want to go over old ground some of the designs are such a pleasure to adapt to a new piece of work and I want to make them affordable.

And to not bombard your inbox every day for 12 days i'm going to try and release them in batches of three to you guys first... then once a day on the socials and twice on a mail out.....

So, Todays batch is as follows.

1: Tenebrasco

2: Tenebrosus

3: Tenebrarum

Dims for all the 12 are 51 x 61 cm

And all are cool!!! ;). AND ALL ARE GOING TO BE £259.00


Stay cool all and feel free to drop me a message about these pieces of art or anything else.

Stay cool


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